Designed for the compaction of granular and asphalt materials, Mecalac Pedestrian rollers provide class leading performance in applications including highway repair, footpaths, cycle lanes, playgrounds and landscaping environments. The proven design provides superb balance, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Rubber couplings in the drum reduce vibration transfer for low hand-arm (HAV) levels for additional comfort. The MBR-71 is fitted with a ‘hold to run’ handle so that the hydraulic drive cuts off if the control lever is released.                                         
Break out – Roll over

For added versatility the Mecalac MBR-71 roller features a high quality tow-behind trailer and hydraulic breaker combination.

The hydraulic breaker is ideally suited to asphalt repair work for breaking out damaged materials prior to resurfacing.


Total operating weight (kg) 513
Overall width (mm) 836
Overall Length (mm) 2180
Travel speed (km/h) 3,2
Engine power (kW/hp) 6.6/8.85
Drum width (mm) 710
Centrifugal force (daN) 900
Frequency (hz) 65
Static linear Load (kg/cm) 7,2
Amplitude (mm) 0,66

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